Tyler's Visualization Projects

This is a collection of Visualization projects I have made for both class and fun.

Latest projects

  1. MusicMap (April 2017) - Working with @bloomm601 on a capstone for our Visualization class, we created a globe using the user’s Spotify library. The program will then randomly assigns each country on the globe a song from the user’s library when the user selects a country it will play a 30-second clip from the song.

  2. P4 - Top 50 Songs by Country - I worked with a friend, @bloomm601, to create a simple map that showed and updated using public embed code from Spotify. We are planing to expand this idea for our Capstone project in the class.

About this Repo

This repository was created when I first started taking a class on Visualization at Wentworth Institute Of Technology in the Spring of 2017. Some of the subfolders show projects and class work for that class. Other will show work I created for myself.

About the Language and Tools used

I used D3.js, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I am planing on making some Visualization using R for data processing and D3 for the graphics.

About Me

Please check out my portfolio or my personal website for more information about me